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Raku Firing Workshop
Wheel throwing classes
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More Classes available at, Delores Pottery at Liberty Arts

New Open Studio Pass Options!

Extended Open Studio pass holders will have Up to 10 hrs a week of open studio access during posted open studio hours.

All Access Open Studio Pass holders will have access to the studio at ANY time, day or night, outside of classes and workshops 

Open Studio Passes are for 6 weeks and are a great option for those who want to be in the studio more without the commitment of buying and renting a full studio. Email with any questions.

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Cone 10 Soda Firing Class!

8 Week & 4 week Class options

2 Cone 10 Soda Firings!

Interested in getting varied surface results with your pottery? This class is for you!

While this class will meet every Thursday evening, it does not come with weekly instruction.

Students will meet every week to create work for the 2 firings.

Students will meet with their instructor, David Roswell, on the first class, first night glazing, loading, firings and unloading dates.

Loading, firing and unloading will happen at David's studio in Durham which is located off of university Drive, 15 minutes from Delores Pottery. Glazes will be provided at the studio.

Flashing slips and tips for how to decorate pieces for a soda firing will be provided. 

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Exploration in Clay - Morning!

Wed, Feb 28th, 10:00 am – April 3rd, 12:30 pm

Hand-building and Wheel Throwing for beginners!

Learn the basics of hand-building and surface decoration!

In this class you will learn basic wheel throwing and hand-building techniques to create beautiful functional or decorative pieces.

If the wheel is just not your thing, but you’d love to create a mug or a bowl, this class could be for you. There will be guidance and demos on the wheel, as well as a number of hand building demos.

And then there’s always the option of combining the two techniques! - Throwing a piece on the wheel and then altering it with hand building techniques.

So many possibilities!!

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