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Delores J. Farmer
Studio Owner & Manager

Hi! I am Delores Farmer, a Durham Native and potter based in Durham NC. I own and manage, Delores Pottery at Geer st and Delores Pottery at Liberty Arts.

I really enjoy creating an environment where people can relax and tune out the world. It’s like therapy for some people and I'm beyond grateful to be the facilitator of such a restorative space.

I create Textured functional and decorative pottery using different techniques during greenware and glazing.

I am very inspired by nature and its many textures. I find that taking the time to garden or go on a walk really feeds my creativity. Some of my work is created to look like textures you would find out in nature ie, Tree Bark Bowls, vases and mugs.

I think on some level I’ve always wanted to be an artist. I’ve always loved creating. Working with my hands has always brought me joy.

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Julie Rose Hinson
Pottery Instructor

Born and raised in Durham, North Carolina JulieRose has been crafting and creating art from the earth since she was a child. In the winter of 2016 Julie moved to Seagrove, North Carolina to learn how to make pots with fifth generation potter Sid Luck.

It was in Seagrove that Julie, for the first time fully embraced the role of an artist and fell in love with clay and the North Carolina pottery community. Through playful representations of the female body and contrasting traditional forms, her work aims to inspire joy and form tangible lines of connections between diverse groups of women.

In November of 2020 Julie co-founded Outer Loop Arts in downtown Durham. Outer Loop Arts is a collaborative art space focused on connecting community and building opportunities for local artist. Julie currently teaches classes and workshops out of her studio space at Outer Loop Arts and works part time as a studio assistant and teacher for Liberty Arts in Durham

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Halima Flynt
Pottery Instructor

Kimberley Pierce - Cartwright
Hand - Building Instructor

Hi there! I’m Halima, a potter, illustrator, digital marketing specialist, and mental health advocate. I love creating functional and sculptural ceramic work on and off the potter’s wheel. Clay has the inherent capability to teach us patience, gentleness and kindness towards ourselves, others, and our surroundings. I am inspired by the transformation points in working with clay as it moves from a soft and malleable substance to a solid but fragile form, with several steps in between. I believe the finished product is just as beautiful as the journey it took to get there. I thrive when I am able to help others with their clay quests and share my love for the medium!

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Evie G. Watts
Hand building & Pottery Instructor

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David Roswell
Soda Firing & Pottery Instructor

Teaching Style

Creating art is a whole body process. 

You will hear me talk about breath and centering your body along with the clay on the wheel. I’m going to ask you to get up and look at your piece from a different angle, change your perspective.

Many of us come to adult art classes with some trepidation. It could be that what’s coming up is the past, the schoolmate who teased you about your drawing, the teacher who dismissed your masterpiece. 

We’re going to release and rewrite those old stories by creating a new relationship with clay and your creative spirit. 

And most of all, we’re going to have some fun.

Maybe this will also be an art therapy experience. Who knows?

Creating and nurturing a community feels essential to me, so we will have a moment in the beginning of every class to share a bit about how we’re doing - always optional.



Instagram: @eviegwatts and @mywisebodyegw

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