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Community Guidelines 
  • Treat people, studio, and equipment with care and respect and kindness
  • Help each other out and above all, be nice
  • Do not offer criticism unless it is asked for
  • Rudeness or negative comments will not be tolerated. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the studio 
  • Be considerate of others work, do not touch or move the work of other Students 
  • Please do not use the tools located on assistant or Delores shelves - they are the personal property of assistants and teachers
Cleaning is very important for the safety of the studio as it helps to reduce clay dust
  • Start cleanup at least 20 minutes before the studio closes; you should be totally cleaned up by the end of class or open studio end time.
  • Regular studio cleanings will happen after every session. (every 7 weeks) 
  • During this cleaning, Work in progress shelves and clay shelves will be cleared for incoming students. Continuing students must label all clay bags, supplies and work to avoid removal.
  • Rinse Towels after every use in the studio. 
  • Towels are not always provided 
  • Sand bone dry pieces over a bucket of water, over the sink or Outside to reduce dust
  • Reserve sanding bisque pieces for sharp edges. Minor texture and throwing lines will not show with most glazes
  • Sand bisque pieces over a bucket of water, over the sink or Outside. Most bisque pieces do not need sanding. Glaze will cover throwing marks
  • Clean as you go, always make sure your last wipe is with a clean wringed-out sponge
  • Clean your ware boards and throwing bats before placing them back in their proper places
  • If you are done in one area, do not move to another without cleaning up first
  • After use, everything needs to be cleaned and returned to its correct place
  • After you are done on the wheel, clean wheel, splash pan, table, wheel legs, chair, and all tools used
  • Wipe down the floor around your wheel with a sponge
  • Place clay scraps & slip/slop in the recycle bucket; clay from the floor or sink goes in the trash.
  • Rinse out any sponges you’ve used and put them away clean
Open Studio Information 
Only sign up for 1 open studio time slot (2.5hrs) per week.
If you would like to sign up for more, check the availability the day before or day of. Most of the time there are slots open but we want to make sure everyone can attend at least once each week.
Signing up for an open studio on a particular day guarantees you a wheel. It also helps to limit how many people are in the space at once. 
Those only Hand building, select the hand building tab during sign up or add hand building to your registration notes 
Open studio times For Geer Street Studios:
Weds 1pm - 3:30pm
Weds 3:30pm - 6pm
Fridays 4pm - 6:30pm 
Friday 6:30pm - 9pm
Saturdays 11am -1:30 pm 1:30pm - 4pm 
Sundays 11am -1:30 pm 1:30pm - 4pm
Open studio times For Liberty Studio:
Monday 6:30pm - 9pm
Friday 6:30pm - 9pm
Saturdays 11am -1:30 pm 1:30pm - 4pm 
Sundays 11am -1:30 pm 1:30pm - 4pm
  • You must sign up for Open studio hours before you attend. If you are not using a wheel please specify your activity, ie, glazing, hand building etc 
  • You do not have to sign up for an open studio if you’re picking up work, or plan to be in the studio 30 mins or less and do not need a wheel.
  • We occasionally offer workshops and private classes. If an open studio date/ time isn’t posted, then there is no open studio. 
  • Please do not come to open studio if you haven’t registered or the date isn’t posted to the site
  • The purchase of an open studio pass covers only the work you can create & complete within that time frame
  • The purchase of an open studio pass entitles only one person to work in the studio during that time. You cannot share your pass or open studio access 
  • Open studio patrons must be 18 years and older unless cleared with studio manager 
  • If picking up finished work outside of class time, do so during open studio hours only

General Studio Info 
  • No new work is allowed on the last night of a class or the last week of your open studio pass
  • The purchase of a class includes the privilege of open studio in order to practice what was taught in class, it does not come with instruction
  • A two-week grace period is allowed after a class is complete in order to finish glazing items started in class. No new work is allowed to be made during this grace period. We will revoke this grace period if we see any new work started.
  • No outside clay or glazes allowed, unless discussed with studio manager 
  • No admittance to the studio outside of class or posted open studio hours
  • Wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty; certain clays or glazes may stain
  • One 25 lb. bag of clay comes with each class or open studio pass 
  • Additional clay costs $35 per bag (pay using QR Code located by clay stacks)
  • Only 1 additional bag of clay can be purchased per session.
  • No foreign objects allowed to be fired in clay without permission of the studio manager ie rocks, paper, marbles 
  • No re-fires are allowed unless otherwise discussed with instructor or studio manager
  • No glazes, slips, tools or equipment of any kind should be removed from the studio
  • We do not have the facilities to accommodate production work (in this case the definition of production is high-volume work). More than 25 mug sized pieces per month is considered production and is not allowed
  • Please take your finished work home with you within 30 days
  • Abandoned, dried out or not labeled in progress pieces will be discarded 2 weeks after the session ends
  • Write your name, class day and type of clay on your bag. Ex, Delores, Wednesday morning, little loafers 
  • Write your name on your tools/tool bag and any personal belongings being left at the studio for your class duration 
  • Make sure all greenware is signed on the bottom before putting on the greenware shelf
  • Students are not allowed to load and unload kilns, mix glazes or slips
  • Recycled clay is not free and should not be used by anyone besides instructors and assistants
  • If you need a small amount of clay, such as enough to make a handle, you may use clay in ‘old clay’ pile
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